Our Presence at Reunions

We recognize that alumni are an important part of the Princeton community and we look forward to engaging with them as they come back to campus to both celebrate their connection with this place and join us in demanding action around interpersonal violence. This issue has effected decades of Princetonians, so we come together in unity this weekend. Below are events being hosted which we encourage you to attend.

Scheduled Events

Survivor-Centered Gatherings

Each afternoon at 5:30 pm behind the Pink House (99 Alexander Street)

Explanation: Princeton IX Now is focused around listening to and supporting survivors of interpersonal violence. This will be a space with different opportunities to relax and rejuvenate (i.e. music performances, open mic.), as well as share your perspective in smaller conversations and be in community with Princeton IX Now and its allies. The day’s programming will be communicated by email!

What you can do: Come by and participate! There will be plenty of opportunities to relax, socialize, listen, and be heard. Use Google Maps to find 99 Alexander Road (Pink House). We will be in the back yard every day (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) at 5:30pm. Vegan and kosher snacks will be served.

A Visible Presence at the P-Rade

June 1 at 2 pm

Explanation: We want to demonstrate the collective commitment to ending sexual misconduct and interpersonal violence at Princeton! We will be handing out purple buttons with an orange tulip and duct tape that says “Listen” which we will put over our mouths (as was done during the sit-in), and will then place on a canvas on Poe Field that will demonstrate our collective impact. We will be also holding signs about the movement to end interpersonal violence at Princeton and its history.

What you can do:

  1. Pack and WEAR PURPLE in the P-Rade. Bring extra for friends!

  2. Retrieve a purple button with an orange tulip and duct tape that says “Listen.” We will update you on Friday night about where to get the tape and buttons

  3. Hold a sign: We will be making posters for the P-Rade (info to come about poster-making if you'd like to join us). You can retrieve one that you like and hold it as you parade


Ongoing Events

Students with "Ask Me About Princeton IX Now" Name-Tags

Occurring throughout the weekend in various locations

What you can do: Start a conversation with the students! Ask any questions you have about the movement (feel free to email us with questions as well). Then, start a conversation with your friends about the movement!

Dedications For Reunions Events

At scheduled alumni events

Explanation: We have written a dedication to be read at reunions panels, events, performances, and more.

What you can do: If you are speaking at or running an event, reach out to us and read the dedication!

Prevention & Bystander Intervention Campaign

Both in the tents and around campus

Explanation: Sexual assault is an enormous and unspoken problem at Princeton reunions in and out of the tents. We aim to encourage bystander intervention and make reunions safer. We will display posters and distribute brochures with resources on bystander intervention, focusing particularly on the 5th reunion tent.

What you can do: Help us distribute these materials (such as our page and our brochure on bystander intervention basics), start conversations, post on social media (such as sharing our poster campaign), and spread the word. If you see red flags in the tents, intervene!