Title IX is not the problem. Princeton is.

We demand the reform of Title IX procedures at Princeton to protect survivors. Individually, we have tried to pursue reform through bureaucratic processes and meetings with various administrators. This has not reformed the system. We demand more.

Photos by elizabeth yu‘19 and Brad Spicher’20


Why we protest

Princeton does not uphold equal opportunity to education if it continues to indefinitely, or in any part, condone rape culture and re-traumatize those who have survived violence by subjecting them to grossly misrepresented and subpar procedures. We demand that the University begins to treat its students as citizens of this community and beyond, and handle all future Title IX cases with the lawful integrity and transparency for which it claims to advocate. The students of this coalition demand Princeton University takes responsibility for its current failures to uphold such values and make the changes listed above effective immediately.

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undergraduates experienced sexual misconduct


of undergraduates who experienced sexual assault identified their assailant as another undergraduate


graduate students experienced sexual misconduct

Statistics from 2018 We Speak Survey


Timeline of our protest

On May 7th, 2019 at 10am, Princeton students occupied the yard in front of Nassau Hall. We will not leave until the University commits to change.

Photo by Brad Spicher. Students holding posters on the lawn in front of Nassau Hall and chanting.

Photo by Brad Spicher. Students holding posters on the lawn in front of Nassau Hall and chanting.

  • 10:00am, May 7th: We gathered in front of Nassau Hall to begin a sit-in until Title IX reforms are accepted.

  • 4:30pm, May 7th: We delivered a list of demands to Vice President Calhoun. Watch her response here.

  • 11:00am, May 8th: Deputy Dean of Undergraduate Students Thomas Dunne walks out of Nassau Hall and hands the following statement to one of us:

The University has received the students concerns, take them seriously, and will be making a public statement later today. We would like to reiterate what Vice President Calhoun stated earlier that we will not be responding directly to each of the points raised yesterday.
  • 11:30am, May 8th: We responded by reaffirming their commitment to the demands and pledging to push one of our demands each hour, every hour. We began with the first demand: transparency and consistency in Title IX processes.

  • 3:19pm, May 8th: Princeton published a press release stating they are “referring the concerns raised to the appropriate University committees”. Read the full statement here.

  • 6:00pm, May 8th: We published a press release regarding the beginning of the protest on May 7th and its continuation to May 8th. Read the press release here.

  • 10:07pm, May 8th: We wrote an official letter to Preisdent Eisgruber and Dean Calhoun, reaffirming our commitment to the demands and asking for an in-person meeting at 2:00pm on May 9th. Read the complete letter here.

  • 1:20pm, May 9th: We changed our name to Princeton IX Now to better align our name with our mission.

As of 1:30pm on May 9, 2019, the Princeton Students for Title IX Reform have changed their social media branding from “ReformIXNow” to “PrincetonIXNow.” This change was made to avoid confusion about our mission. PIXR does not intend to change federal law. They are focused on reforming Princeton University’s implementation of the Title IX process and the surrounding resources, which are deeply flawed and inadequate at present.
— Princeton IX Now Press Release
Photo by Elizabeth Yu ‘19. Duct tape with “Listen” written on it affixed to the legs of a folding table.

Photo by Elizabeth Yu ‘19. Duct tape with “Listen” written on it affixed to the legs of a folding table.

  • 2:10pm, May 9th: President Eisgruber and Vice President Calhoun refused to meet in-person as requested in our May 8th letter. We will continue to protest and escalate our work until our demands are met.

  • 2:30pm, May 9th: ~200 of us joined hands around Nassau Hall to protest the lack of University response. We stood silent with tape over our mouths.

  • 3:30pm, May 10th: Alumni of the Black Justice League releases a statement in support of our movement, the Princeton IX Now protest.

  • 3:36pm, May 10th: The University released a press release stating that Michelle Minter, Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity, requested an external review of Title IX systems at Princeton, and that President Eisgruber has granted that request. Read that statement here. In his statement, Eisgruber thanked Vice Provost Minter for her service to the University, explicitly ignoring the growing list of stories on this website that detail Minter’s chronic misconduct in her role.

  • 4:00pm, May 11th: We gathered outside Nassau Hall to reiterate a revised set of our demands, with in particular three actionable steps that the University could reasonable agree to implement. We left 12 roses on the steps of Nassau Hall along with a printed copy of our demands. The University did not respond.

  • May 11th-May 12th: Throughout the weekend, we organized spaces and events for survivors.

  • 3:30pm, May 13th: The Princeton University Faculty-Student Committee on Sexual Misconduct met with six representatives of the Princeton IX Now coalition in the Butler Private Dining Room. The Committee includes Vice Provost Michele Minter, Director of SHARE Jacqueline Deitch-Stackhouse and two students in the Class of 2019, amongst other professors and graduate students. The Committee will not discuss or address specific demands, but will hear the concerns of students regarding the Title IX Process. The University released a statement here.

  • 4:00pm, May 15th: President Eisgruber met with 6 representatives of the Princeton Title IX now coalition in Prospect House. The conversation was off-the-record. However, he afterwards released this statement.

  • 6:00pm, May 15th: After 200 hours of sitting in front of Nassau Hall, demanding change, we are ending the sit-in to support all of our survivors and students during exam period. But the protest is far from over. We walked out of a meeting with President Eisgruber with no promises. The administration is still not listening. We are holding you accountable, Princeton. Alums are coming to campus soon to support. See video here.

We sat for 200 hours, and change did not come. On May 30th, alumni will join us in continuing the fight for transparency and justice on our campus.


Get Involved

Students of Princeton, join us outside Nassau Hall to demonstrate your support for our cause. Commit that you will not donate to Princeton until the University pledges to reform the implementation of Title IX policies. Sign the pledge here.

Faculty and staff of Princeton, let the administration know that you hear and support students in fighting for reform of how Princeton implements Title IX policies.

Alumni and Parents, pledge to withhold donations until Princeton commits to reform. Sign the pledge here.