Testimony #33

“I'm a graduate student in the MAE department. A number of women chose to speak out against a male graduate student [redacted] for constant verbal sexual harassment. He would tell female graduate students how women are inferior multiple times a day, in various ways, even remarking that female professors "belong in the kitchen", and commenting on the body parts of colleagues (breasts, etc.). Despite testimony from numerous men and women in the department, [redacted] received effectively no punishment. He continues to work closely with female undergraduate students without the students ever being notified of his offenses, and we constantly are forced to deal with petty retaliation from [redacted]. The interview process was endless and humiliating; the man interviewing the graduate students would forget details we had stated, or misunderstand why obvious harassment was a problem. No one came out of this process better, and students continue to be harassed due to the Title IX office's negligence. Fewer than half the usual number of female students accepted the offer to join MAE as grad students this year due to such absurd treatment.”

— Anonymous Princeton Graduate Student