Testimony #32

“A couple years ago a student I knew through a University-sponsored organization assaulted a friend of mine, who he had met through that organization. In the process of having him removed, it became clear that he was a repeat offender, and had been reported multiple times, as well as possibly (though we were not able to confirm) removed from campus once before for the problem behavior.

This raises three serious questions:

1. Why was he not removed from his position in this university-sponsored organization and from a job on campus that put him in touch with potential victims (including but definitely not limited to my friend he assaulted);

2. What can the university do to address the common feature of repeat offenses, by sharing information, by keeping records of alleged offenses even when a full disciplinary process is not initiated (because many victims do not go through with the full process), or by forms of probation; and

3. What resources can the university make available to offenders, who are often troubled in other ways and are not always likely to seek help on their own?”

— Anonymous Princeton Student