Testimony #5

My rapist at Princeton was a serial offender. This is common knowledge about him. Of course no one came forward about it. Personally, I was convinced that the sheer quantity of his victims that someone would report him to [Title IX] one day. I didn’t want to be the one to do it, given the awful things I had heard about the procedural dealings of [Title IX]. What I didn’t know is that each of us [was] thinking the same thing. He was never punished. In fact, he was nominated for fellowships, served student [government] positions and secured a place at a prestigious [graduate] school. All of us are certain his crimes will catch up to him, but did not feel confident [Title IX] would be the way that would happen, which says a lot about what would have been a very strong case from any of us. The fear of reporting and the fear of the retraumatization that are associated with reporting to [Title IX] are just as heinous as cases which are mishandled, delayed, and lawyered out of existence.”

— Anonymous Princeton Undergraduate Student