Testimony #1

“When my friend brought forward a Title IX case, she asked me if I’d be willing to report the sexual harassment I received by the same student to Regan Crotty in order to help her case. The student harassed me at work a couple months following Trump’s election, where he told me that he would come to my room if I didn’t go on a date with him, that I had “nice Caucasian features for a black girl,” that I could get into Princeton and any graduate school that I wanted if I “cried with my little black face,” that “blue lives matter,” that he is the “liberal woman’s wet dream to be accused of a fake rape case” (these words are seared into my brain), that he was a card-carrying member of the NRA (causing me to fear for my physical safety), among other things—a friend had to walk me home from work during my next shift after he insisted on taking me to a Princeton Republicans meeting. Regan told me that what I experienced—getting asked out on a couple of dates is how she put it—did not fall under sexual harassment. Additionally, she had trouble understanding how this person could be simultaneously racist and sexually interested in me (clearly lacking understanding and/or grossly negligent of the long history of fetishization of black women and other POC). In the evidence folder of my friend’s case, my testimony was not included. The person who sexually and racially harassed me and sexually assaulted my friend was found not responsible by the Title IX committee overseeing the case.”

— Anonymous Princeton Undergraduate Student