Testimony #29

“In my case, the Title IX panel ruled that I was intoxicated to a degree of incapacitation when my assault occurred. I had two witness statements confirming this, and my assaulter admitted to being sober when the assault happened. Thus, the panel ruled that I COULD NOT HAVE PHYSICALLY GIVEN CONSENT to any sexual act at the time of the assault. I also had multiple witnesses confirming the presence of bruises all over my upper body in the week after the assault. However, the Title IX panel said that my assaulter would not have "reasonably known" that I was incapacitated, even though I had two witnesses that were sure of this. They also said that because I was intoxicated, my recollection of events was not entirely credible, whereas my assaulter was credible because he was sober. They told me that because I did not remember exactly how I got the bruises, that I was most likely "prone to bruising" and that no force was used by my assaulter. Thus, the panel deemed that no assault occurred (despite my incapacitation) because I was unsure as to which exact acts I gave consent and when they occurred. My assaulter was given no punishment at all and still walks freely about this campus every day.”

— Anonymous Princeton Student