Testimony #17

“My hellish [Title IX] procedure lasted over 5 months. My top 10 -
1. 2 alleged privacy violations
2. Regan Crotty and Michele Minter ignored my 5 additional complaints of harassment/assault despite telling them multiple times in person and email to investigate and adjudicate. Even now, despite providing them the dates and information about the assaults, they continue to dodge my emails and not provide an initial assessment, which they should have done in November 2018. 
3. My decision memo had biased, skewed information that was never presented in the case. 
4. That I was crying too much in my first interview so they stopped me after an hour, didn’t let me review the notes, and when I asked in person and by multiple emails to review them, they said I could review it next time but never let me. According to [Rights, Rules, Responsibilities (Princeton’s community guidelines)], every student gets to review the notes from interviews, but I never did...
5. I had significant and important conflicts of interest with my investigation and adjudication panel, three of whom I’ve now identified as witnesses in my case. Princeton ignored my conflicts of interest. Vice Provost Minter and Regan Crotty have told me they were aware of my complaints. They did nothing about them. 
6. They reduced my credibility because I said things like he “touched down there”, even though I said vagina when they said I needed to use proper words. This is NOT A CREDIBILITY ISSUE. 
7. They did not provide any details or even a formal note regarding my assaulter’s counterclaims as they did to him for mine until all interviews were completed - that is, after I had a chance to defend myself.
8. Princeton’s Office of Dean of Undergraduate Students IGNORED my requests for extensions for months even when I [cc’d] the SHARE office on my email. 
9. My abuser kept close to me, minutes outside of my dorm, and they didn’t do anything because it was “off campus”. I reported that he kept making efforts to come close. Nothing. I asked them to move my room. Despite them knowing where the assaults happened, they still moved my room to near where the assaults happened.
10. My abuser was found lying substantially by documents, university records, and witnesses. This was despite the fact that he was barely questioned about the assault. I was consistently badgered with questions about every aspect of the assault. They treated him [using] an entirely different standard.”

— Anonymous Princeton Student