Testimony #20

“I was hesitant as to whether to contribute my perspective, since my only contact with Title IX has been as a witness. However, I felt compelled to speak out after reading a similar account on the Princeton IX Now website. 

When I was asked to be a witness in a Title IX investigation, I couldn’t begin to imagine what I was going to be asked about, as I had never remarked witnessing suspicious behavior. When I arrived at the Title IX office, I was given the names of specific individuals implicated and was informed of the alleged violation(s), which seemed like a potential violation of privacy, especially given my prior total lack of knowledge about the situation. 

The rest of the conversation mostly focused on drilling down the drinking activity of one or more of the participants. Given how alcohol consumption has been historically used to discredit survivor memory and absolve perpetrators of sexual violence of responsibility, this line of questioning made me really concerned that my answers would be used to reach unjust outcomes. ”

— Anonymous Princeton Student