Testimony #14

“I’ve never been sexually assaulted, but I was harassed and stalked last year as a freshman by senior guys. My life spiraled out of control afterwards — I met with various deans and had to make accommodations with my professors, preceptors, and employers because I was perpetually trapped in my fear that the boys would escalate the aggression and hurt me at some point. One of my deans asked if I wanted to pursue a Title IX investigation into the incidents, but after seeing my friends go through the process with no success, I was not interested in burdening myself further than what I had already endured — and I had no doubt that these wealthy white men would be fully protected by the school. A year and a half later, despite seriously considering transferring, experiencing a relapse of suicidal ideations, and watching my relationships around me change because of my newfound fear of male violence, I do not regret this decision to not pursue Title IX action — but only because I know that it would have caused me an immeasurable amount of pain on top of what I had experienced. Princeton silenced my friends; Princeton silenced me; Princeton will continue to silence survivors of sexual violence, discrimination, and misogyny until our Title IX office is reformed.”

— Anonymous Princeton Undergraduate Student