Testimony #18

“As a witness in a [Title IX] case my sophomore year, I was called upon to adjudicate what role I thought alcohol played in the rape of my friend. According to how consent is defined by SHARE and throughout Princeton more generally, alcohol use meant she could not consent; what more was I supposed to say? But I was poked and prodded about my friend’s ethnicity and cultural background and what alcohol might mean based on her demographics. If she had or had not been a drinker previously, would that mean that she had a better chance or a worse chance at getting the justice she deserved? I felt like if I said the wrong thing about alcohol, I would ruin my friend’s case. Why can’t we have transparent definitions and processes concerning the role of alcohol in sexual assault? People have accused the reforms demanded by this protest of calling for a “kangaroo court,” when really, that is a more accurate description for the status quo of the Princeton TIX Office.”

— Anonymous Princeton Undergraduate Student