Why We Protest: Stories of Survivors



Princeton’s current Title IX system is broken. We have collected the following anonymous stories and statements from Princeton student survivors who have been re-traumatized and betrayed by this system. This is not to mention the highly publicized cases, here, here, and here, which led to a probe from the US Department of Education in 2014. We protest to stand with these individuals and many others - to make sure that Princeton finally implements a Title IX system that protects survivors, not perpetrators.

Here are 34 stories of survivors at Princeton who have directly affected by the negligence of Princeton’s Title IX processes.

They are your peers, your colleagues, your friends, your neighbors.

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We will be silent no longer. We demand that Princeton reform its policies to protect survivors, not perpetrators. Please join us in supporting the 1 in 5 undergraduates and 1 in 11 graduate students at this university who are affected by Princeton’s broken Title IX system.